The personnel of the HELMSMEN QUARTET from western Michigan.

Gary Sportel is the tenor for the group. He and his wife, Kathy, have three children and two grandchildren. He has been involved in the music program of his local church. He has a masonry business in Kalamazoo, MI.

John Davis is from Sturgis, Michigan sings lead. He has been involved in the musicals at the Blue Gate Theatre in Shipshewana, IN, and is currently emceeing some of the shows.  John and RoseAnne are married and have four children, multiple grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Corry Dekker is our bass singer.  Corry is married to Theresa and they have 4 daughters and multiple grandchildren. He is General Manager of an agriculture machinery manufacturer. He also has a mixed quartet called “Called Four”.  He and Theresa formerly sang in a mixed quartet named “In His Service”.  They collect, buy, and sell “antiques and uniques”.

Dave McKeith is our Baritone singer, music coach, sound technician, and vocalist. He and his wife have two children and two grandchildren. Dave is a trained music educator, BA from Wayne State University, MA from Western Michigan University. His major instrument is trombone but he also plays guitar, banjo and mandolin.

David Tuckey plays the piano for the group and fills in vocals when the need arises. He was a double major in college, and is a Vietnam Veteran. He lives in Quincy, Michigan with his wife Danise. They have 7 children and many grandchildren. David works for the U.S. Postal Service as a rural letter carrier and loves his job. He has sang with and directed barbershop and Sweet Adeline Choruses. David also gives voice lessons.